Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Live!

I'm so excited!  My first post for the Bernat Blog has gone live!  If you wanna read about my "secret" projects, go to and you should be able to read the most recent posts (you should be able to find it via my blog links too).  Changed my moniker to DinaPurls, but I'll always be Acrylic-Girl: faster than clicking needles, stronger than nylon and able to leap tall mounds of petroleum based fibre in a single bound.

The challenge now begins: how to produce enough knitting projects and blog content to satisfy not one but TWO blogs!  Surely I've gone mad . . . well, maybe not mad, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  Maybe I'll become a faster knitter **cough, cough**  Perhaps not.  More likely I'll broaden my knitting horizon by experimenting with new yarns and different projects. 

I am Super Acrylic-Girl!


Note: Photo in post taken from a photography website

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