Sunday, November 1, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Slogging away at the knitting . . . clickety-clack, clickety-clack go my metal needles (swish-swish go the bamboo needles?).  Waiting ever so patiently to finish all the Christmas gifts and I have been good.  Finished two fingers on gloves.  As well, I knit quite a bit on my mom's lace scarf: up to about 35 inches now (it helped that I was stuck for 4-5 hours waiting for my H1N1 and seasonal flu shots).  But I grow ever so impatient.  I wanna make something for me **sniff, sniff** 

So to soothe my soul I picked up some sock yarn in fresh, up-lifting colours.  Take a gander at this wonderfully colourful confectionary:

Yummy blues and greens swathed in silky-alpaca-merino goodness all waiting to be made into something for ME! 

I just lurve that skein from Lismore Sheep Farm so much!  Is it okay if I rub it against my skin?  Patience is a virtue, n'est pas?

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