Friday, November 6, 2009

I Got Nothing (or How I Learned to Love ALL My Hand-Knits)

Yeah, I got nothing.  No FOs to speak of **sniff, sniff**  Yet I've been knitting in ernest.  Finished part of a "secret project"  which hopefully I can reveal in the coming days (being ever so patient but its sooooo hard).

I suppose I could show the two fingers of the second glove that is awaiting more attention (boring).  Or I could show the lace scarf that is growing ever so slowly (more boring).

Instead I'll show something I've been wearing the last month.  Last fall I fell into "knitter's limbo": wanting to knit yet being unable to get jazzed about any project.  So after I made a few hats for charity, I thought I'd tackle a scarf (something I had NEVER made during all my years knitting).  My intent was to use up some stash yarn (leftovers of Paton's Divine and Bernat Softee Chunky from other projects).  With no real pattern to follow, I cast-on and worked a simple hurdle stitch (check out my Ravelry project link).  Unfortunately when all was said and done, my scarf disappointed: too wide and not long enough **sigh** 

To make matters worse,  I had developed an annoying cough and thought mohair in the yarn was the culprit (turns out my meds caused the cough--stupid side effect!).  Still, the scarf sat at the back of the closet.  I was loathe to dispose of it and there was no way I was gonna frog it 'cuz I'm just too persnickety when it comes to weaving in ends (that thing was not gonna unravel without a fight).  So it waited.  And waited.  Until . . .

Cold weather arrives.  I walk to work most days (about 30-minute trek).  It can be mighty cold on a windy day.  Enter "the scarf".  

She has served me well.  Lesson learned: part with no hand-knits.  They will someday find love. ;)

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