Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another One . . .

Finished!  Oh joy!

I was quite the happy knitter today, needles busily clicking away as I finished my "secret project" for the Bernat blog and then proceeded to finish another gift.  Oh yeah, Super Acrylic-Girl!  Rock on!

That just leaves ONE item on my Christmas gift list: fern and waves scarf. Thankfully that is already half way to completion (I think I've got about 30 plus inches done already.  Gotta check my Rav project list).  So I'm gonna go ahead and cast on something for me. 

Remember my little special stash from here?  Finally gonna start that silk-merino-alpaca scarf using a free pattern on Ravelry called Fern Lace Scarf (Rav link).  The original pattern used lace-weight, but it should still work with a heavier weight yarn;  I just have to cast-on fewer stitches (I'm thinking somewhere between 24-30 stitches). 

Heck, I might even cast on for that pair of socks too . . . . oh the excitement! :D


  1. Wow, you are certainly burning through those gifts and it's more than a month until Christmas. Good for you. I didn't even try to knit for anyone this Christmas (although I tackled a few pre-Christmas birthday gifts) but i'm gonna start in January to figure out my knits for next year. Then probably be knitting all night on the 24th. LOL. Hope the recipients of your gifts are thoroughly appreciative of all your hard work!

  2. Thanks Wool-Free. I hope my receipients appreciate their gifts too! I can't imagine doing this again next year except maybe for my niece and nephews (they can never have too many mittens or hats, LOL).


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