Saturday, November 21, 2009

It Grows (or Learn to Love the Curl)

I was gonna write about my lack of knitting this week, but in truth I've been working on my silky-alpaca scarf.  A little knitting during naptime, at lunch and in the evening as the boys got ready for bed.  Sure enough the thing has grown to approximately 37".  Not bad for a few days of sporadic knitting (Christmas knitting and Bernat knitting momentarily on hold).

At one point I frogged what little I had for fear that it would be too short (after all, I only have 175m worth of yarn.  I think that works out to just over 191yds).  Promptly I cast-on with 24 stitches instead of my original 28 stitches, eliminating the 2-stitch garter edging on each side.  The edge was curling just the same, so what the heck?  Eliminate it and learn to love the curl.

Two things I'm loving: the feel of the yarn in my hands and the colour effects.  The green pops out against the blue.  It had looked lovely in the skein, but not as pretty when wound into a ball.  What a pleasant surprise to see the colours mingle and coalesce as the eyelet curves to and fro across the scarf: bright greens, deep aqua, navy and cerulean--almost like blue waves over tropical sands.  Very pretty.

Here's hoping you're happily knitting on something special too. :)

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