Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Knits

Just had to share.  Remember I'd taught my boys to knit a little while back (blogged about it here)?  One of my boys finally finished his project!  He was so proud of himself (and rightly so).  I promised him I'd share his handy work online for all to admire.  Here's teddy with his new garter stitch scarf.

Yes, there's a dropped stitch that needs repairing.  The stitches are wildly uneven, but he improved towards the end and kept his tension more consistent (I gotta admire his perseverance).  The ends still need to be weaved in and I'm trying to convince the wee one that fringe would look nice (of course I'm only making more work for myself 'cuz I'm the one who's gonna have to put it on) .  Still not bad for a newbie. 

My son is already making plans for his next project.  He wants to make a hat for teddy.  After that, he's hoping to work on a blanket--for teddy I hope. 

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