Sunday, January 29, 2012

What? No Knitting?

No Time?  
Does it ever feel as you're racing the clock?  There's so much to do at home and precious  little time--or energy--left for the fun stuff (i.e. crafting).

Other than the finished amigurumi from earlier this week, there's been little knitting this week.  To be fair, I did finish one sock (only heaven knows when its mate will be cast on).  A sleeve on my beloved--albeit much neglected--Bohus Redux saw some action (its hard slogging through it now).  And necessity required that I start a small project too . . . .  And I would have photographed it all and blogged properly 'bout it except for one small problem: I'm sick. :(  

Everyone in the house is on the mend, so now its my turn to sniffle and sneeze (I'm really quite the sight with my red and raw nose, bundled in my jammies, surrounded by used tissue and an empty Kleenex box--not pretty.  Not one bit).

So please forgive me if I'm less than enthused 'bout the post, the blog and craftiness in general.  See you on the other side.


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