Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes . . .

Big Slipper and Little Slipper
When I get the urge, I'll start a small project.  The thing might languish in my basket for a while.  But sometimes, the thing gets finished before I know it.  Go figure?!
New Slippers for my Son
Remember those lovely warm slippers I made before the holidays?  Well I tweaked the numbers in the pattern and made a pair for my son.  His old pair were wearing a wee bit thin in the sole (there was a small hole forming too, no doubt made by a loose nail in the old wood floors).

You can find the pattern for Non-felted Slippers on Ravelry (its a PDF file).  The version there is for an adult woman.  If you're interested in the child size, print off the original pattern and then make the following changes:

Cast on 40 sts and work the increases as indicated in original pattern with the marker placed in the middle.  Stop increases at row 11 (60 sts) and then work instep at follows:
Row 2: P27 PM P6 PM P27
Follow the original pattern to work the decreases and shaping.  I went down to 30 sts before working the cuff. I also added two extra rounds to the cuff before binding off.

Feel free to PM on Ravelry if you'd like more extensive row-by-row notes.

Happy knitting! :)

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