Saturday, January 21, 2012

About the Slipper Mods

Through the Woods
A few knitters have contacted me through Ravelry re: row-by-row instructions for the child version of the non-felted slippers.  So I decided to publish my changes here on the blog so I can re-direct other knitters here.  You will still need to print off the original pattern.

Child Version of Non-Felted Slippers
Here are my changes: Cast on 40 sts 
Row 1-K20 PM K20 
Row 2-Increase as per original pattern (44sts) 
Row 3 (and all odd rows)-Knit 
Row 4-Increase (48 sts) 
Row 6-Increase (52 sts) 
Row 8-Increase (56 sts) 
Row 10-Increase (60 sts) 

Row 11-Knit and remove markers

Instep: Row 1-Knit 
Row 2-P27 PM P6 PM P27 
Row 3-K20 ssk twice K3tog K6 sl 1 K2tog psso K2tog twice K20 (52 sts) 
Row 4-Purl 
Row 5-K16 ssk twice K3tog K6 sl 1 Ktog psso K2og twice K16 (44 sts) 
Row 6-Purl 
Row 7-K25 ssk (43 sts) 
Row 8-sl 1 P6 P2tog (42 sts) 
Row 9-sl 1 K6 ssk (41 sts) 
Row 10-sl 1 P6 P2tog (40 sts) 

Row 11-sl 1 K6 ssk (39 sts) 
Row 12-sl 1 P6 P2tog (38 sts) 
Row 13-sl 1 K6 ssk (37 sts) 
Row 14-sl 1 P6 P2tog (36 sts) 
Row 15-sl 1 K6 ssk (35 sts) 
Row 16-sl 1 P6 P2tog (34 sts) 
Row 17-sl 1 K6 ssk (33 sts) 
Row 18-sl 1 P6 P2tog (32 sts) 
Row 19-sl 1 K6 ssk DO NOT TURN K11 (31 sts) 
Row 20-P18 P2tog P11 (30 sts) 
Work cuff as written in original pattern.

Please remember this is NOT my pattern.  This great slipper pattern comes from Yuko Nakamura who has kindly provided her work for free here on Ravelry (it's a PDF file you can open and store on your computer or save in your Rav library).

Hope this helps out anyone who wants to make a child-sized version. I'll be back with a proper post soon.
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  1. Thank YOU!!! I've been trying to figure this one out for my kids and I thoroughly appreciate you posting this. Are you thinking about adding it to Ravelry? Honestly I think this is the easiest and most adorable slippers I have ever seen :) BTW age child are the slippers for? Gen, Montreal

  2. So pleased this helped you! I do have a link from Ravelry to here, but I don't want to take away from the original poster of the pattern. By the way, my son was 9 when I first made the pattern, so I'm guessing its for 8-10 years (depending on size of child's foot).


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