Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small is Good

Not much happening in the the sticks-and-string department (sorry Bohus Redux), other than working on my portable sock. Happy to report one sock is almost done with only an inch or so left to go (hurray for naps!).
Crochet Hooks (courtesy of Google)
While the needles are relatively quiet, there's lots going on with me hook!  Still on the small-project kick.  Slowly working through the long list of amigurumi in my Rav queue which include Luma, Mario, Luigi, a minion and Sackboy.  Can you tell there are video game addicts in my household?
Kirby (courtesy of Google)
The current fave is Kirby.  That rotund dude of pink fluff loves to eat (hmmmm, loves to eat . . .  sounds like me!).  And he is rather cute with his big eyes and happy smile.
Kirby Pieces
The pattern is quite straight forward.  You can find a link to the free pattern over at Ravelry or you can go directly to the designer's website (I love the site's name: nerdigurumi. She's also got links to videos if you need some visual assistance).  There are only a few pieces.  And even without the eyes and mouth, he looks sweet once he's assembled.
Prince Fluff (courtesy of Google)
My other son also wanted a Kirby, but he wanted different colours.  Initially we were gonna go for Prince Fluff. But my son wasn't crazy about the "angry" eyebrows.  So we're gonna keep the same colours, but  add Kirby features instead.
Kirby II
So far we only have a body.  Hoping to finish the feet and flippers this weekend.  Then I can assemble the thing during the week . . . 

There's just so much to do and I only have a finite amount of time and energy.  *sigh*  So many patterns; so little time :S

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