Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween ;)

Any ghoulies at your place?

Pumpkins Courtesy of Free Photo Website
(whose name eludes me at this time)
Over at our little spot in the country, I don't expect too many trick-or-treaters tonight.  One of my neighbours claimed to have had only two visitors last year, so chances are  . . . .

We had some Halloween fun planned this past weekend: pumpkin carving and cookie deocrating (I'd share some pictures but I'm still without any internet access so I can't just update a post on a whim).  And my niece will go out  to gather some treats, but neither boy was interested in doing so.  That's a first!  My oldest doesn't want to go 'cuz of his nut allergies.  Most of the stuff he gets he won't be able to eat (although my younger son initially offered to trade all his chips for all of the other's chocolate stuff). And the younger one didn't know what sort of costume to wear.  So we're planning to watch some scary movies and hope everyone has a good time.  Its a school night anyways.

Have a great evening!

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