Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not Much

Knitting, that is.  In fact, I'd say there's been very little crafting of any sort this week.  Even my lunch times have been filled with tasks other than knitting.  Still, I managed to completely finish a slipper--all sewn up and ends woven in :)
Finished Phentex Slipper
Yeah, that's ONE slipper--all sewn up and ends woven--but still just one.  It needs a mate.
Just One Slipper

I have yet to cast-on for the second one.  Rest assured, it will get done.  Just not now.  Instead, I'm working on my second blue-tangerine stripey sock.
Beginnings of Second Sock

I've got as far as the cuff and thus far, it's an "almost" match.  I think the striping will only be off by a few rows.  Not bad, huh?
Just the Cuff
The first sock was a breeze.  Hmmm . . . wonder how long it will be before this one gets done?  How goes your knitting?

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