Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lost It :(

My knittin' mojo is gone :(   
Knitting Table Littered with WIPs
Personally I think there's a black hole circling 'round my part of the universe and it's just sucking out all the good stuff--but its only a theory and I don't have much proof.

First off, there's my Bernat knitting.  Usually I'm good to stay on top of it-or rather, I was good to stay focused.  Lately, not so much.  And to add to my lack of motivation, all the posts I've written (maybe 4-5) have yet to be published.  Hard to stay motivated when no one can read my words and see my progress. **sigh**

Then there's the other "stuff " goin' on, mostly things on my mind (worries and such) that take the pleasure out of simple tasks.  Hard to focus on my knitting when other thoughts occupy the precious little space of my mind.

Even my happy outings to knit night have ceased of late.  Mostly bad weather and fatigue have put a damper on my nights out.  **sigh**

So with a definite lack of crafty goodness, I am struck by one thing: how did this sock get done?
Sock No 2 Is Done?


  1. Sounds like the winter doldrums. You need to get to the next knitting circle!

  2. You know how sometimes you are driving somewhere and you suddenly realize you are where you need to be but you can't remember getting there? Well, same thing with knitting I guess. Hope you're feeling better soon -- spring is on the way!

  3. Don't lose heart, your socks are lovely :)


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