Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Quandry: Towel or Placemat?

Almost an FO
Yeah, that kitchen towel proved to be a quick knit.  All done except for the weaving in of ends and finding a button (Aren't I good at hiding the ends?  And I apologize for the quality of my photos, but its been raining for three days . . . )
Another View of Kitchen Towel

While many other knitters have made these towels, I was particularly inspired by Crafterella's  version: check out her towels in bright blue, red and white. And I so love the matching buttons too!
(used with permission from Crafterella)

Aren't they just lovely!  Seeing her towels made me think that perhaps I should make more than just one towel (maybe three?).  Wonder if I'd have enough yarn to make another towel, perhaps with more striping? There should be enough yarn as I'm already on my fourth placemat. 

So here's my quandry: more towels or more placemats?  Initially I thought to make only four placemats, but wouldn't six be better than four?  Now you might be thinking to yourself: make it all.  Well, I'd love to, except that there's limited yarn.  Except for the white, I can't find the same colours locally so I have to use what I've got.

Decisions, decisions . . . :S


  1. How often do you need a table setting for 6? On the other hand, kitchen towels are always in demand. These look like so much fun to knit!

  2. Does the recipient routinely have 6 people for dinner? If not, I'd go with more towels. Looks good!

  3. Hmmm, extra kitchen towels it is! Thanks ladies :)


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