Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toy Plans

Okay you yarnies out there who shudder at the thought of acrylic: take a deep breath and brace yourself (or maybe just shield your eyes).  Behold acrylic colours of bold:
Big Balls of Acrylic

Couldn't resist buying up the yarn I need for my next project: good ol' stand-by Red Heart SuperSaver and Bernat Supervalu (at a little over $3 a ball, it's hard to pass up for toy-making).

What will I make?  Take a gander at these stills and then take a guess.
SuperMario Games Galore

Yeah, we own all those games, accumulated over the course of the past few years.  I've got big-time SuperMario fans at my house.  So during my searches on Ravelry, I came across some Mario patterns--free patterns all available from Linda Potts at Wolfdreamer's blog .
Toad and Toadette pattern

WolfDreamer has loads of SuperMario and Pokeman patterns for free, as well as many patterns for purchase.  I cannot imagine all the work that went into the creation of such lovely plushies.

These patterns, my dear readers, are the real reason I started crocheting again.  My boys wanted the Mario & friends plushies.  How could I say no?  Besides, the characters are just so darn cute. 
Mario and Friends

Happy crafting!

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