Saturday, June 19, 2010


There are three!  The last kitchen towel is complete.  Isn't it lovely?
Third Kitchen Towel

Three Towels

Sorry to toot my own horn, but I think the three towels look awesome together.  I'm very pleased with myself.

My next big task: weaving in all those pesky ends . . . ugh, the part I hate most!  How do you motivate yourself to get through the tedious finishing?  :O

I think I need a glass of wine--or two--and some killer tunes (hmmm, think I'll get my greedy little hands on Them Crooked Vultures).  Sadly I am technologically behind the times: no ipod, just an ordinary diskman.

Have a great weekend  :)


  1. A lovely threesome. As for the finishing, I do mine as soon as I cast off while I'm still in the "glow" of reaching the end. If I don't do it then, it's murder to come back to it. But wine and music will no doubt help!

  2. Toot away. They look great! Weaving ends. A necessary evil of working with yarn.

  3. I can get through a ton of weaving in ends if I have the distraction of a movie or some knitting friends!

  4. Thanks ladies for your encouragement! And distractions will help, NicolaKnits.

    You're good to finish right away, Wool-free. Sadly its not my MO. At least I'm a 3rd of the way through it.


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