Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wordsmith Am I?

Feelin' the Purple Power?

Well, perhaps not quite.  Still, the whole "blogging thang" makes writing feel comfortable.  While I had always enjoyed writing, I wasn't sure about my once-a-week posting schedule ('cuz I'm such a slow crafter).  Then the Bernat gig came along.  How could I pass up such an opportunity?  Bottomline: I'm generating original content for two blogs on a weekly basis.  And never mind all the crafting (two adult-sized sweaters, 2 toys, a child's garment and many smaller projects in 6 months--not counting all the Christmas gifts)!  A record for me!

Positively Purple
So now I'm adding more writing to the mixture (perhaps a little delusional about the amount of free time in my day?).   About 4 years ago, I crafted a strange, mysterious, future world peopled with weird creatures and nasty humans--a lovely blend of sci-fi and fantasy (yes dear, I wrote--or attempted to write--a novel.  I now give you permission to laugh).  Then I hit a snag in the plot.  Shortly thereafter, my creative juices fizzled.

All this time, my story percolated in my brain.  Then recently I started itching to write again (it's the same feeling when I've got the need to knit or crochet).  Suddenly, long-standing plot and character problems had solutions.  So I hauled out my "novel"  . . . well, to make a long story short, I'm writing again.  Not too much.   Amidst all my daily commitments and responsibilities,  I promised myself to write a page a day ('cuz I gots to knit too).   

Let's see where it goes . . .  :)

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