Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not Quite Done

Yarny Bits

But almost there.  I'm working on it whilst surrounded by yarny bits from woven-in ends.  More yarny bits next to the scissors and threaded through my favorite blunt metal needle.  My diskman plays the tunes to keep my energy high and my attention focused.  Almost there.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (and my heavens, it's been a long tunnel!).

Even found some matching buttons for the kitchen towels.  They match exactly, even if slightly darker.  Not easy to find the exact same shade and I wasn't too keen on making my own button covers (too much work).  I think it'll be a good match.  What do you think?  
Matching Buttons?

So close to finishing, and what do I do?  I cast on a few last minute items-ha!  Procrastinator or perfectionist?  Hmmmm, tough call.  Actually I'm only working on a couple of dishcloths ('cuz one wasn't enough).  Super quick and no stripes (so less ends to work).

Hoping to hit the local farmer's market on Saturday to find something unique to add to the gift basket (oh yeah, need to get a basket too).

Catch ya later  ;)


  1. I never enjoy the last things to do to finish a project - especially weaving in ends. I get impatient with it.

  2. Jackie, it's good to know I'm not the only one who dislikes finishing. I should probably do it as I'm working on the project, but that takes away from any actual knitting or crochet, LOL.

  3. WoolFree, MIL has been like a second mom to me and has always been very thoughtful and kind to us. And go figure, she's a fellow crafter too. :)


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