Saturday, June 5, 2010

So . . .

Second Towel

I started a second towel in blue.  I added contrast striping along the bottom.  Not too sure if I like it yet (maybe I'll skip the reverse stockinette section and just use plain stockinette or garter).

Detail of Striping

My third towel is gonna be yellow (with blue and white striping).  When the kitchen towels are done, I must make more dishcloths.  Only have one made thus far (how slack is that?).  I'll just switch out the colours. 

After I finish the gift set, I'm hoping to embark on another crochet adventure: toy construction.  I've already shared the tale of the teddy bears, but I never showed you the toys I made for Bernat in December.  Check out these two cute fellas:
Meet Monster and Eggy

You can read the details about my Bernat toy adventure at the Bernat Blog post on yarnie pals.  These second set of toys were more fun to make (maybe I'm just becoming a better knitter?).  It helped that the instructions were less fiddly (is that even a word?).

So now my boys want more toys--crocheted toys (I gotta stop searching Ravelry with the boys watching, but there are soooo many cute things!).  Up until recently my crochet skills have been rusty, but with a few projects under my belt I feel more comfortable tackling more challenging items.  

Alas, those are plans for July.   For now,  my kitchen items occupy my time (along with my current Bernat project which looks super cool, but is hard on the hands).

Happy crafting :)


  1. I love your toys! def get more of those made, good luck with the towel looks like its comming along fine!

  2. Thanks Yarn-etsy! I'll have to post my future toy plans in an upcoming post, LOL.


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