Saturday, March 20, 2010

By the Way . . .

Finished the slippers last weekend, but didn't get 'round to posting about it.  Remember the old nasty ones that needed replacing?  Off to the trash they went to be replaced by these cute periwinkle ones.
Periwinkle Slippers

Side View
Quick and easy--can't beat that!

My only complaint is that the garter is stretching.  In fact, even my boy's slippers have stretched one size too big--oh the hazards of stretchy garter!  I think if I extend the seaming on the top of the foot, it should "tighten" the slipper so it won't slip off.

Happy knitting!


  1. What about those Phentex slippers from the 70's that were checkered or striped? They wouldn't stretch. Here's a link to the pattern I remember knitting:

  2. Thanks for the link Allison. I did make a pair in the fall. See this link:

    But I found the Phentex hard on my hands and a pain to work with. My dear hubby has requested a pair, so I may have to tackle the pattern again, LOL.


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