Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Perfect Knitting Magazine?

So many knitting mags out there in fiberland.  Which ones do you like?

Judging from the response of other knitters in the cyber world, Interweave Knits seems to be the fave for inspiration and challenging projects--perhaps a little too challenging for me.  There's also Vogue Knitting, but I always found many of their designs too "airy-fairy" and/or unwearable (and their sizes often exclude the bigger woman).  There are others such as Creative Knitting and Knitter's, but there aren't enough interesting or stylish designs that grab my attention (matronly is the word that comes to mind).

Then there's Knit Simple .  For an advanced beginner such as myself, their designs are generally do-able and plus-sized.  And I can usually find enough items I want to make to warrant its purchase. 

Except this time, I couldn't find it!  In my little town, it is often hard to find niche magazines (even at the bookstore, there is a teeny magazine selection and forget about crafting books).  The places that used to sell Knit Simple didn't have it anymore.  Eeeek!  What to do?  Search online for a Canadian source ?  Drive to Halifax?  For a magazine?

Than I found a copy--the last copy!  In a grocery store of all places.
Winter 2009/10 Issue

So happy!  Did my happy dance . . . then perused the issue for projects to queue.  Such as the beret on the cover (I've been on a beret kick lately).

This issue had lots of lovely jackets and cardigans.  Isn't the one below pretty?
Shawl Collar Jacket

And what about this one?  It's knitted bottom up, so there'd be almost no seaming.
Striped Cardigan
Whatcha think?  I'm a girl with simple tastes.  And I'm not looking for knitterly challenges requiring complicated manual dexterity (and we won't talk about mental feats of knitterly mathematics).   

And I bought something else too.  Something full of yarny goodness.
Bernat Jr. Jacquards

There's nylon in that ball of colour--only 10%, but me thinks it'll make a neat sock experiment.  How long would it take to make a pair of socks in DK weight?  Faster than something in Fine weight on 2.25mm, right?  The search is on for the right pattern (in ribbed of course).

I feel inspired and renewed (after a not so inspiring week).  Where do you find your crafting inspirations?  What gets your crafting mojo going?


  1. I can actually get Interweave Knits in my grocery store! I've also seen Simple Knits but never checked it out. I'll have to now.

  2. I've been getting into wet felting lately, and I'm hoping my knitting doesn't get jealous. I'm glad you found a knit simple. Yay for inspiration!

  3. Allison, it was always hard to find Interweave Knits but lately I see it everywhere. Go figure?

  4. LOL, Thea. Wonder if the knitting minds the crocheting?

    I've never tried wet felting, Thea? Is it similar to regular felting?


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