Monday, March 29, 2010

About Winter . . .

Ummm, it's not totally gone.  For some reason, winter doesn't want to go away.  In a desperate bid to hang on, it dusted us with white stuff and sent blustery winds our way.

More Snow

Here's hoping it's winter's last gasp. 


Sadly my crocus buds have disappeared under a thin blanket of snow.  I hope the weather warms up again.  I'm soooo ready for spring.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you're at.


  1. have you changed your background color? it looks great!

    crossing my fingers for your little crocii (is that the plural of crocus? ;-)

  2. Yes Knitinsage, I did change the background. And thanks. I love a dark backdrop, but if reading white on black is hard on the eyes . . . well, I can relate (my eyes ain't what they used to be). I also darkened the title and link colours (love green & pink combo).

    And my crocuses are still popping up. Hope they bloom soon. :)


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