Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maybe Spring?

It certainly feels like spring.  'Round my neck of the woods, winter dies a slow death, often bringing on a snow storm as late as the end of April (I've been witness to that).  'Course, some old-timers assure me they've seen early May snows too (usually wet snows that don't hang around much, but still . . . snow in May?  That's so wrong).

Happy to say that I've seen small glimpses of spring this week.  First, lots and lots of sunshine--and that sun is warm!  I'm hearing so many new bird calls, songs that have long been absent all winter.  I saw my first cute little squirrel scamper across the road and clammer up a huge maple tree (they hibernate, right?).  And I think I saw the first sprouts of crocuses in not one, but four  gardens (not my garden as my flower bed is still covered under a snow pile, albeit a melting one).
Crocus Buds from April 8 2009

The picture above was actually taken in early April 2009 from my own flower bed.  Mine always seem to sprout and bloom after everyone else's--probably because my wee garden sits under the shade and doesn't get much sun.
More buds

So wherever yee may be, bask in the sun's glow and savour the warmth.  Springtime will soon be upon us.

Happy days!

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