Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Lure of Novelty Yarn and Other Mysteries

An acquaintance was de-cluttering and decided to give me some "old" crochet and knitting booklets (maybe 10 years old?)  My first response was "sweet!".

A few came from Red Heart which contained some nice crochet patterns for tops and cardigans.  As my crochet skills improve, I may want to attempt them. Definitely keeping those patterns.
Nice Crochet Patterns

Unfortunately, the rest of the booklets--and that would be the majority of them--use novelty yarn.  Remember that furry, nubby stuff that was a pain-in-the-you-know-what to work with?  I know because I've tried to knit with the stuff and its no picnic (so hard to "read" one's stitches).  Still, I can see where a pillow or toy might be interesting in fun fur.
Furry Pillows and Throws

Furry Toys

But clothing in novelty yarn?  Hmmm, me thinks never ever!  Most of the patterns were for scarves, ponchos,  and furry cuffs and collars.  Amongst those was the odd sweater.

NO ONE should ever wear a hairy or furry sweater--unless the gorilla look is what you're after.  Still, some of the sweater shapes looked pleasing.  As I perused some of the patterns and their schematics, a thought percolated in my little brain.  Maybe I could use a smooth yarn to re-create the garment--minus the fur and texture of course.  As long as I could achieve gauge, it could be do-able (is that a proper word?).
Garments in Novelty Yarn
This is possible, right?

Now if I could just find some free time . . . .

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