Friday, April 2, 2010

Not Quite A Pair . . .

Yeah, that second sock is growing--bit by bit.  I only get to work on it at naptime and lunch--so maybe 15-30 min at most--if I'm lucky.  I'll fess up that there have been a few days when I've spent all of 5-10 min and that's it.  So it is amazing that I've accomplished as much as I have.
Second Sock In-Progress

Actually my sock is further ahead than what you see.  I've already picked up stitches for the gusset and am diligently working the decreases.  I'll get 'er done--maybe by end of April?  Hey, it's possible.

My evenings are spent working on another big project for Bernat in the evenings (I like making the big stuff, especially clothing for me).  Actually, I just finished another project that you can check out at Bernat Yarns (I know.  It's a shameless plug **blushes**).

Hope your weekend is full of crafty goodness.  Mine will be.  :)

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