Saturday, September 5, 2009

Almost an FO

Yay! I'm done knitting the Eyelet Yoke Cardi! Only have to seam up the sides and sleeves (and clean up all those loose ends--lots of ends. Ugh!). Working on the yoke was tiring. Was it number of yoke stitches? Metal needles? Worsted weight yarn? Not sure.

After working on the cardigan, my hand muscles became quite stiff. Even my wrist was sore (although that could have been from working on the laptop, but how is that different from any other night?). I'm used to sore fingers--courtesy of the early stages of arthritis, according to my doctor (thankfully its not the rheumatoid type). Don't want to complain. Still, it's a nuisance when I finally have the energy but not the stamina to knit much. Oddly enough, one of my friends also complained of sore hands and she doesn't have arthritis. Could it be the change in the air? It's definitely fall in our neck of the woods. The days are still warm, but all the humidity is gone and the nights are quite cool. We've already had overnight frost. Hmmmm . . . me thinks summer is quickly fading.

Interestingly work on the lace scarves has been a welcome relief. Maybe its the variety of stitches used; perhaps its the bamboo needles or my slow and methodical approach to lace? Whatever the reason, its been more comfortable to work on lace. In fact, with the cardigan out of the way my only Christmas knitting left are the two lace scarves. Here's hoping I can get through those quickly. My brain is already brimming with more homemade/handmade gifts . . . must stop making more work for myself.

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