Friday, September 11, 2009

Surprise Package!

It's always nice to get a package, especially if its a surprise.  I knew my mom was sending a package, but I was unsure of the exact contents.  One of my sisters had tried her hand at knitting, went so far and then put it aside (not sure who taught her, what she learned and why she stopped).  Her unused yarn purchases were sitting 'round collecting dust in my mom's basement.  So I volunteered to give them a happy home where perhaps they would be loved or perhaps turned into something that would be loved--or at the very least turned into an object deemed useful or practical.
There are two balls of Patons Melody.  I figure that should be enough for a hat--perhaps a child's hat?  Maybe a hat for me?
This Kelly yarn is something I've never heard of.  But its a cotton and acrylic mix and it looks stretchy.  Only have two balls, so I'm not sure what I'd make--perhaps a skinny scarf in a simple stitch?  Gonna have to research this on Ravelry.
I'm pretty sure this is regular old orange acrylic (Red Heart or some close facsimile).  My mom thinks its leftovers from an afghan we worked on years ago.  Maybe I can make a pumpkin--Halloween is just 'round the corner.
This is also a yarn I've never heard of.  It's called Batik and its a ribbon.  I've never worked with ribbon before, but I suspect I might have enough for a skinny scarf.

Love surprises.  Hope there are pleasant surprises your way.


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