Saturday, September 12, 2009


I don't know how it happened, but I cast-on for a new project.  A few balls (four to be exact) of Vanna's Choice in gray were sitting in my stash asking to be made into something useful.  I finally obliged: here comes the Baby Sophisticate!  This particular pattern had been in my Ravelry pattern library for a little while.  I like that its a top-down construction AND its a baby sweater.  Hence a quick knit and no seams--gotta like that!
Judging from other knitters' experiences at Ravelry, this sweater should be done in a weekend (converting that to an acrylic-girl timeline that takes into account my turtlesque speed, estimated time for completion should be approximately one to two weeks.  Have I mentioned my lack of speed in the knitting department?). 

Here's hoping your days are full of knitting goodness :)


  1. ooh, that looks like its gonna be a lovely wee knit. i'm a rather turtelesque knitter myself. LOL. But I had a lovely knitting day today -- worked out an English translation for a French scarf pattern and it actually is gonna work out fine. Phew!

  2. Thanks WoolFree for your kind comments. I'm gonna have to check out your scarf.


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