Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Steps . . .

Bit by bit, things get done.  Even stuff you weren't sure about turn out okay.  Like that little patch by my front step.  Remember?  I thought it was rather sad looking and blogged about it here .  It's not exactly what I had planned to do, but in the end, it filled in nicely. 

The bleeding hearts didn't flower but they look very healthy and robust; the silver beacon and yellow aurea have spread and even the dianthus flowered again.  Despite the frost, the plants haven't succumbed--at least not yet.

In the same way, my gifts will be just fine.  I wasn't sure about a homemade Christmas (I'm still not sure).  It wasn't my initial plan.  Normally I don't knit on a deadline 'cuz I'm so slooooow.  It's hard enough to get one thing made on time, let alone many.  Will I be able to manage?  Here's hoping.  At least Baby Sophistictae is coming along. 

I've already surpassed what's pictured above.  One sleeve is complete and I've begun work on the second one.  I'm hoping to finish the collar this weekend.  The pattern called for a slipped stitch at the start of each row.  When I pick up for the collar, I just use each slipped stitch.  No counting involved.  Usually I pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows and generally get close to the required number.  Always neat to try something new, n'est pas?

Here's hoping you had a good week.  And remember that tomorrow is Friday! :)

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