Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Am Invincible!

At least that's how I feel.  See my pretty new header?  I made that!  All by myself (with copious amounts of online help).

My quest for a proper knitting header began with finding the "right" picture.  Nothing really "spoke" to me (and there aren't too many free photos on knitting or yarn).  But even if I found the right photo, what was I supposed to do with it?  Then I stumbled upon this how-to video on  I'm a picture-person or visual learner: I need to SEE how things work; merely describing the process doesn't help me to learn.  But this video was the ticket.

My only other problem was finding a photo program that could do the things dislayed in the how-to video.  My laptop was sadly lacking.  Now what?  I searched and finally decided on Picassa (mainly because its free and I was already using Picassa's online album through Blogger).  A fellow Raveler pointed me in the right direction re: how to use Picassa: Sarah from Memories on Clover Lane kindly explained in great detail how she made her awesome headers in this post .  Easy peasy!

Finally I have to give credit where credit is due:  that awesome photo of yarn bits.  That came from Sarah Klockers-Clauser at (link here).

I feel so pleased with myself . . . . :D


  1. Fabulous header -- and you should be very proud of yourself. Great job!!

  2. Your heading is awesome! I am glad Sarah's post helped you. I need to update my header and Etsy banner....


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