Saturday, April 30, 2011

An FO of Sorts

Lone Button on Blue Sprout
Sure its only got one button (it needs 5 more to be sewn on--and the buttons are patiently waiting to join their mate on the button band), but for all intents and purposes, my Blue Sprout is finished.  Yay!  I could wear it out if I wanted to (honestly, the muggles won't know that it needs 5 more buttons).
It took a while, but what a relief to finally finish.  Yay me! :)

Only two things make me sad:
1) I was heavier when I first cast on, so its a wee big.  I would have made it one size smaller if I were to cast on today.  But no worries.  Loved the pattern (Ravelry link) so much, that I'll definitely make another one--for sure!
2) Loved working with Red Heart's Cotton Twist.  It's a really nice cotton (not stiff at all) with a bit of drape.  Sadly can't find it locally anymore.  Time to look for a Canadian online source  . . .

Next order of business is to finish my growing list of WIPs. ;) 


  1. Your sweater looks great! I love the blue with the red trim and buttons. Don't worry about losing weight, it still looks great on you. That's one thing I love about sweaters, they can be a little big and still look good.

  2. Great job and hey, look on the bright side -- at least you are not "heavier" than when you first cast on. There's something to be said for that!! Also, a cardigan has to fit over lots of other things, so a little extra room won't hurt.


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