Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blooming :)

They finally bloomed!  Remember those wee little green specks that were merely poking out of the ground last week?  What a difference a week makes!
Pretty in Purple
Even the temporary cold blast couldn't stop them (-12C last night and yes, that is a minus sign.  It was snowing yesterday!  I kid you not!).  My lovely crocuses have sprouted and are now in bloom.  Tomorrow should bring warmer temperatures, even if accompanied by rain.
Lovely Yellow
Spring dangles the promise of new life, fresh starts and summery warmth.  Ah, nothing like a spring day to bring on new hope and renewed happiness.  Hope you're having a good one! :)


  1. Hi from rainy sou'west Nova. Thought you might like this site for patterns:

    Will summer ever arrive?????

  2. I'll have to check out the link, Anonymous.

    Summer? I'm still hoping for spring, LOL :)


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