Saturday, April 9, 2011

There's Proof

Gradually the big piles of snow have melted (although there has been white stuff on the ground a few mornings that thankfully disappeared by mid-day).  The only remaining stuff is leftovers of the biggest of the big snow piles.
Leftover Snow
Spring is supposed to be here (afterall it is April), but I never quite believe it until I find some proof.  And today I actually found some proof. Viola!
Sprouting Crocuses (or Croci?)
Now it should be told that my wee front garden only recently lost the heap of snow covering it.  The front garden gets little sun (just some rays in the AM).  So my plants aren't as far along as my neighbour's.
Neighbour's Garden
Bring it on.  Bring on the Springtime! :D


  1. Be patient ! Spring will come soon.

  2. Yes it will Dorothee. But I am so impatient, LOL :)


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