Saturday, October 2, 2010


Every now and then, I pop into the local used book store 'cuz ya just never know what you're gonna find.  There's always someting crafty.  Last fall I found a few a few Patons booklets , some old and some new. 

This time, I found some hardcover knit books, but they were from the 80s.  What a waste!  The sweaters were so boxy and over-sized.  I wouldn't have taken them even if they were free.  The designs from the 80s have not aged well.

However, patterns from the 60s and 70s seem to have fared better, at least in terms of design (if you ignore the colour choices and the styling).  Check out my first find circa early 70s (an oversized book from Patons):
Plus-Size Pattern Book
This particular book re-prints popular patterns from L to XXL (approx 42-52")--just my ticket!!  Don't you just love the short-sleeved round-neck sweater on the cover?  Love the lace pattern paired with form-fitting ribbing--very hip and modern, n'est pas?
Crochet Vests
And I'm intrigued by the lace vest which happens to be crocheted (I'm sooo ready to tackle a clothing item in crochet).
More Vests
And what about these knitted vests?  Change the colours to something more current and add them over a simple white shirt and blue jeans--very wearable (minus the faux pearls of course).

My other find is also from the 70s.  And it also includes crocheted garments along with knitted ones.  Have you seen this booklet around?
Patons Family Favorites
Okay, I can't see myself knitting a vest using 2.75 or 3mm needles, but it is a basic design that could be worn today.  There are other wearable items.

Turtleneck Sweaters

I think these turtleneck sweaters are cute and it would be very easy to modify a design element that isn't to my liking (such as the garter detail around the sleeve's cuff).

Little Jacket

And how about the cute little jacket above?  Not sure if I'm keen on the striping, but the actual shape of the garment is cute (although perhaps not so cute on the male model).

The vest and sweaters pictured below are interesting in that they are crocheted.  Initially I thought they were knit.  Don't they look knitted?  If nothing else, they are an interesting design.
Is it crochet or  knit?
Anyone else keen on not-so-vintage patterns?  Although the 70s are about 40 years old, so I guess they could be vintage--just like me!

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