Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ad-Libs and Free-Forms

So I finally finished my clothes pin bag and I think its quite lovely--if I do say so myself.

Finished Bag

The wee clothing is my contribution to the wonderful world of free-form crochet.  For some reason, I lost the pattern for the clothes (but rest assured I did find it again).  Since I was in a hurry at the time, I only grabbed my yarn and hook.  So when I had the time, I  "ad-libbed" my wee clothing, crocheting shapes that vaguely resembled a dress, a pair of pants, a t-shirt and a skirt.  If it didn't look right, I'd rip it out and start again.  Not bad, eh?
Dress and Pants

T-shirt and Skirt
My other modification was the trim along the edges.  When I joined the sides and top, I used single crochet in a contrasting colour.  Then I worked reverse crochet to add a little decorative touch to the edge.  I think its a nice finishing touch.
Bag Filled with Clothes Pins
After I filled my new bag with my clothes pins, I realized two things:
  • I'm so glad I lined the bag 'cuz there's a fair amount of stretching (probably 'cuz I used double-crochet instead of just single-crochet);
  • I own a lot of clothes pins
I can finally say "good-bye and farewell' to the  ol' plastic bag.  May you find renewed peace and purpose in the recycling pile.


  1. The bag looks great. You are very good at ad-libbing :)

  2. I hope the weather stays nice enough for you to use your cute new bag.
    Cheers ski

  3. Thanks ladies! Love my new bag too. :)


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