Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ummm, Is That Stash?

Yes, I'm growing a lovely stash.  Thanks for asking.  Check out all the nice sock yarn.  I can hardly wait to cast one on . . . hmmm, perhaps after Christmas?

Paton's Kroy and Kroy FX

I've been dying to use the pretty self-striping stuff both for myself and my son.  Sadly we are the only two who enjoy handmade socks.  I even picked up Paton's Next Step series on socks (mainly for the good visuals along with worsted and bulky sock patterns).  Socks are definitely in my future.

I also got my hands on some nice lace weight to experiment with lacy scarves.  Last year`s adventure in lace scarves proved successful and enjoyable.  Hopefully I can get  two scarves, maybe one triangular and the other rectangular.

Paton's Lace

And not to be selfish, my final acquisition is destined for others.  My goal: use Bernat's Roving to make three hats for my niece and nephews.  Since the yarn is bulky, I hope to have them completed in time for Christmas--not an unrealistic goal.

Bernat Roving

My immediate challenge is organizing my newly acquired goods.  I was organized at one point (and proudly posted about my organization success ).  Sadly, I`ve gotten a little yarn happy since then and my yarn runneth over (thank heavens dear hubby tolerates my love of all things yarny as long its relegated to the sad, messy computer room).  Me thinks I need another tote. . .

Have a great week!


  1. i'm having stash envy! i'm going to look for that paton's laceweight -- it is so pretty!

  2. **blushes**
    Thanks Knitinsage. :) I too love the pretty colours of Paton's Lace. Now if I could only find more time . . . LOL


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