Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

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Here in the Great White North, it's a long weekend in celebration of Thanksgiving.  At the in-laws, we'll feast on the traditional turkey complete with stuffing, gravy and all the fixings.  And while we sit 'round the table, we'll reminisce and count our blessings.
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When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was never a big deal in my immediate family (being from rural southern Italy, its not a holiday my parents celebrated).  Instead of turkey, we'd have antipasto, lasagna, followed by veal, veggies and all the fixings of a grand Italian feast (think six-course meal).  Not exactly a traditional Thanksgiving.
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As I get older, it is not the type of foods we eat that matter.  Rather, it is the time spent with family that matters.  And more important, the recognition that there is value in being thankful and appreciating all that we have--'cuz sometimes it feels as if we don't have much when, in fact, we have more than we think we do.
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Corny?  Maybe.  Perhaps just a wee bit nostalgic?  Maybe.  My parents, brother, sisters and their children live halfway across the country.  I haven't seen them in a few years.  Sure we talk on the phone and catch up on Facebook, but its not the same as being together in-person.  I miss them.  And its usually 'round the holidays when I realize how much I  do miss them.

Hope you get to spend this weekend with your family and loved ones.  Have a good Thanksgiving. :)

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