Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Another . . .

Project?!  Yeah, I started another project.  Is that wrong?  Oh, I wasn't supposed to do that? What's that? I already have too much on my plate?  I know; I know.

Beginnings of Pinwheel Blanket
But I couldn't resist because:
a) the project is for charity
b) I'm using yarn that's already in my stash for a pattern that's quite easy on the brain (it's a pinwheel blanket designed by Genia Planck.  Check out Ravelry for umpteenth versions and variations)
b) its part of a KAL 

I'm already part of Bernat's CAL, so why start a KAL?  Well, happy to say its a KAL with my new knitting group.  You heard right!  I found a newly started knitting club--or rather one of its members found me--on Ravelry--and invited me to join (thank you Allison!).  My first meeting was fun; it's great to spend time with similarly craft-minded individuals.  Hurray for knitting groups!! :D


  1. Cute! And the beginning goes so fast. Until it gets bigger...and bigger...

    Have fun!

  2. 4 WIP's is NOTHING -- I'm sure you'll finish them all in time and enjoy the variety along the way. I miss working on multiple WIP's -- it's nose to the grindstone on the afghan for me.

  3. Great start! My blanket is finally on circular needles too. See you soon.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I'm used to just two things on the go . . . Guess I can do this (if I can just stay away from Facebook--curse their games! LOL!)


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