Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sewing Stuff

Well, sort of sewing.  I'm hemming pants for my boys.  My heavens the children grow quickly!  Often the sizes needed are too long in the leg, necessitating a few cuts and **gasp** some sewing . . .
Vroom, Vroom Goes the Sewing Machine
Have I mentioned how much I dislike sewing?  I dislike it so much that I often forgo any ironing-- just to get the job done quickly.  And often I don't even pin down the hem (I know it's crazy, but its true).  I just eyeball it 'cuz I wanna be done with the whole affair (although I will  mark off measurements on the wrong side so I know where to fold the fabric--and yes, I did just use permanent marker).  Its rather surprising how often my hems end up straight (must be in the genes as my mom worked as a seamstress for many, many years).

Another Completed Hem
Two pairs of pants hemmed.  Four more to go.  Maybe I'll save those for next weekend . . . my nerves are feeling a wee bit frayed.  Perhaps some nice crocheting or knitting can soothe away the tension . . . . 

Hope your weekend was full of crafting goodness. ;)


  1. lol! i love that you eyeball your hems --- i too am fairly casual when it comes to those sort of things, tho i do always get out the ironing board.

    i have found myself doing much more sewing than i planned for this fall -- must be sewing in the air ;-)

  2. Any sewing I do is purely accidental, LOL. Are you sewing anything special, Knitinsage? I better get over to your blog to see what you're up to.


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