Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sleeve Number Two

Now Showing Two Sleeves
Yeah, I kinda forgot to mention this (okay, I got busy playing games on Facebook, in particular Restaurant City--mia culpa, mia culpa), but I finished that pesky second sleeve on my beloved Blue Sprout. 
Feelin' the Sprout Love
I'd love to say the button bands are gonna get done soon, but I've committed myself to a few extra projects (perhaps I should qualify that and say that I've over-committed myself--so says the knitter who usually works one or two projects at a time).  While I continue to work on my Bernat projects, I'm also finishing up my clothes pin bag (just some finishing to get done on that). 

My husband also requested slippers--and he never asks me to knit anything.  So I'm not gonna say "no" to that.  He also admitted he wouldn't mind a warm, snuggly cardigan--oh joy!  Yes honey, I will make you a cardigan too!  But first I gotta get my hands on some Phentex 'cuz those are the only slippers he likes.

I also joined the Bernat Mystery Crochet-Along . . . ahem, there's a wee bit much on the plate right now, but I'll get through it--right? :O

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