Saturday, September 11, 2010

Laundry Love

I know: who truly loves laundry?  But its a necessary evil.  However, there is one thing 'bout laundry that I do love: hanging my clothes outside in the sunshine.  There's nothing like putting on a clean shirt that's dried outdoors: smells like sunshine and fresh air.
My Lovely Clothesline
Once the nice weather arrives, I use my clothesline as much as possible (and nice weather is notoriously short-lived in Nova Scotia).  The weather is not always cooperative, but this has been a good year thus far. 

Sadly there is one item that seriously impedes my joy: the ubiquitious grocery bag.
The Grocery Bag
The grocery bag holds my clothes pins.  I use the wooden ones (memories of childhood).  I never leave the bag outside.  Why?  One word: earwigs (ewww and double ewwww.  If you've never met an earwig, then consider yourself lucky).  Despite leaving my bag indoors, it eventually falls apart.  So I decided to make a clothes pin bag. 

Thank heavens for Ravelry where one can easily search for free patterns (there's a link some where on my sidebar).  Seriously, you can find everything from nice to naughty and everything in-between.

Check out this pretty bag from Sukigirl (who kindly gave permission for the use of her photo).  You can check out her blog for more crochet stuff.
Sukigirl's Lovely Clothes Pin Bag
(photo used with permission)
Isn't it pretty?  And ingenious: a bag with a hole that hangs from a sewn-in clothes hanger.  You can find the pattern for the clothesline bag here

Sukigirl also includes the patterns for the cute wee clothes on her bag. You can find the patterns for the wee clothes here.  My only other problem is whether to use Bernat's Cottontots or Handicrafter Cotton (as I've got both in my stash).

Decisions, decisions . . .


  1. I love that Clothes Pin Bag - and have queued it at Ravelry too ;)
    I have to hang my clothes out to dry too - in all kind of weather. So Hubby have built me a clothesline with a roof over, so that I can have the laundry out even if it rains or snow ;)

  2. Oh, you're so lucky Hege! It would be great to have a roof over the clothesline. But how do you handle winter weather? My wet clothes would soon turn as hard as wooden boards in middle of January.

  3. I love seeing clotheslines....I must be very strange.
    I have also wondered about hanging clothes out in the winter. My mum used to do it because she had no choice...somehow carrying frozen board-like jeans in from the cold does not sound like fun.


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