Sunday, August 29, 2010

Everyone Knows . . .

 . . . that I'm the "craft-girl".  It's normal to see me with needles or hook in hand during lunch.  I share with friends and family my FO and in-progress pics on Facebook.  And sometimes I get lucky enough to receive crafty gifts.

Case in point: Not too long ago, my boss cleaned out her office.  She came across a knitting book--and she doesn't knit (although she was an avid quilter at one point).  Naturally she thought of me and offered me the book.  I graciously accepted.

Most of the patterns are rather youthful and on the small side.  Other than hats, bags and scarves, there's not much that would fit me.  But I do have a niece.  Someday, she will be a tween and then a teenager.  Provided she'll still want to wear hand-crafted clothing, these patterns could prove useful.
Cute Tank Top
Besides, I really like the styling of the photographed items.  They're rather cute and I do so love the stylized cartoon girls sporting actual knitted garments (how'd they do that?). 
Funky Hat
And while we're on the topic of books, I'm eagerly awaiting a knitting book in the mail.  If I had more money, I'd purchase more books.  Honestly, can one ever have too many knitting books?  Me thinks not.  ;)

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