Friday, August 20, 2010

One Sleeve To Go . . .

Finished one sleeve--yay!  And there WILL be enough yarn to finish the other sleeve and to trim out the button bands with a little blue--I'm so pleased!!
One Completed Sleeve
I used the designer's suggested measurements for elbow-length sleeves (approx 8" including the ribbing).  The sleeve should have stopped just before my elbow, but I'm on the short side, so the sleeve falls just past my elbows (which is good since my elbows aren't very pretty--are
elbows ever pretty?).
Sleeve Detail
With a week and a half to go before the end of August, I just may finish this cardigan in time for my self-imposed deadline (of course I've been off this week, so I had extra knitting time.  This pesky thing called work might hinder any quick progress).  When I'm finished, I should definitely consider projects that are small, small and smaller. ;)


  1. wow, you are really making good speed. Looking forward to seeing it modelled when it is done.

  2. Thanks Wool-Free. Sadly 2nd sleeve is a little stalled as I finish off another project.


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