Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Historical Adventures

Main Street at Sherbrooke Village
So we took a trip to a pioneer village and had a blast.  The boys enjoy history--as do I and dear hubby.  Let me tell you that there's nothing so peaceful as a rural setting with lovely artifacts and antiques . . . very, very nice.  And of course, it's neat to watch artisans at work: woodworking, blacksmith, weavers and spinners . . . ah, it all makes the crafter's heart go a quiver.

Sitting Atop an Old Bicycle
We even came home with a book of old-fashioned recipes, a handcrafted wooden tasting spoon and a spinning toy.
Momentoes From Our Excursion
Funny story: my son lost his sunglasses in one of the old buildings.  We retraced our steps, but couldn't find them.  Our little tour ended up at the gift shop.  Wandering about upstairs amongst the quilts and hand-knit sweaters, guess what we found?  The lost sunglasses!  There they were on top of some lovely scarves.  How did they get there?  Talk about a weird mystery . . .


  1. sounds like a perfect day :)

  2. Interesting info! I enjoy reading these types of posts.


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