Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Sprout Grows (And Other Sweater Tales)

Yes, it grows a little bit at a time.  I'm now working the waist shaping.  Let's hope I can plow through this quickly.

My first-ever sweater took me over 10 years (granted there were years when I didn't even touch the thing as it sat hibernating at the back of a closet).  Have I ever shared this?  It's from the book Big Knits (I remember Dawn French was one of the authors.  I think it is now out of print).  I must confess that I'm none too pleased with the terrible seaming job, but I got her done.
First-Ever Adult Sweater
When I made my Short-Sleeved Ribbed Cardi from Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits (which is neither ribbed nor short-sleeved), a year became the new benchmark.  I know I shared the trials and tribulations possibly here  and definitely here.
Long-Sleeved Cardi Sans Ribbing
Let 2010 be the year of speed!  A year is no longer the benchmark.  In January I started a project for Bernat (called the Swingy A-Line Cardigan) and finished that in two months.  It's gotten loads of compliments and is one of my favorite sweater coats to wear on a cool morning.
A-Line Swingy Cardigan for Bernat
My second adult sweater for Bernat ( called the Fair Isle Cardigan) also took about two months (sadly that item is awaiting buttons--maybe some nice black toggle buttons would work well). 
Fair Isle Cardigan for Bernat
So if the past year is any indication, I've gotten much, much faster at making sweaters for myself. **does happy dance**  Of course, working on a deadline imposed by someone other than myself is a great motivator. 

The Blue Sprout has until the end of August  to reach completion. . .  ;)

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  1. Wow, your increased speed is VERY impressive and each sweater just gets better and better. You'll have a pretty swank sweater wardrobe in no time!


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