Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Perfect Fit?

I'm thinking yes and YES!  To what am I referring?  My Blue Sprout, of course.

When I finally bound off the last stitch on the body, I tried on my Sprout for the first time (I know I'm supposed to try it on as I'm knitting, but time was of the essence).  One thing that surprised me was the great fit.  What do you think?
Trying on Blue Sprout
I am lovin' it!  I gotta confess that whilst I knit the thing, I thought for certain it was gonna be too big (should have chosen 42", but my gauge was off--smaller than intended at 20st over 4" instead of 18st over 4"--so I gambled with 44" chest.  Suffice to say that my gamble paid off).

Being a bigger gal, I debated about waist shaping, especially since I'm a belly-and-butt girl.  Trust me when I say I need all the "space" I can get in the waist and hips.  To my happy surprise, the waist shaping proved to be useful in carving out an hour-glass shape where very little hour-glass exists.
Casual Blue with a Spot of Red
Onward to the sleeves . . . .Sadly I have only one ball of blue left (and can't find this stuff locally anymore).  So the sleeves are gonna be short.  Estimated length?  Unknown at this point.  I'll have to "wing it". 

My other concern is the button band: red and more red.  I suspect after the sleeves are done, there will be no blue.  Hmmm, will that look okay?  Hope so.  My gambles have paid off thus far.


  1. Great so far! Fingers crossed that all will be well.

  2. WOW, that's a great fit and you know, they say 3/4 length sleeves are much more flattering so that may be a happy accident!

  3. Thanks ladies :D

    And Wool-Free I've heard that too about 3/4 sleeves. I'll just be happy if I can cover some of my upper arms.


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