Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Couldn't Resist . . .

I started another project without even finishing what I've got on the needles (or the hook as the case be for my crochet projects).  In my defense, it is an item I planned to make anyways (part of the gift package for MIL's birthday).
Start of Another Kitchen Project

Check out the beginning of my lovely kitchen towel.  I've used this stitch pattern before for a scarf I made (I think I made the scarf about 2 years ago, but didn't actually use it till this winter).  I believe I found the stitch pattern in one of those knitting-pattern-a-day calendars (scarves are easy that way).

The most surprising thing is that the surface of the towel matches very nicely with my crocheted place mats, even though the items are made using two different crafts.  The half-double crochet worked in alternating front and back loops creates a similar textured surface.  How neat is that!

Stitch Detail

This particular kitchen towel pattern comes from Steph's Designs.  The designer has other kitchen towel patterns at her website.  Gotta love the generosity of those who take the time to design something and then offer it for FREE.  Even a seemingly simple item as a kitchen towel does not come easy for me.   Sure I can do a scarf, but anything else and my brain requires a pattern.  Once I've made the pattern, I can modify it and change it up, but I need the pattern first.

Back to my knitting . . .
Happy crafting :)


  1. wow, that's knitting up very pretty. I guess if you are going to cheat you may as well do it with something lovely!

  2. Thanks Wool-Free :) I'm surprised at how nice it looks. Maybe I can make some for myself (after I oblige my boys their request for more toys--a la Mario).


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