Monday, May 3, 2010

New Kitchen Project

My new yarn arrived (actually lots of yarn arrived).  Ordered the big 400g balls of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Country Blue, Country Yellow and White (that's just over 700 yards of each colour).  I chose the large size 'cuz my plan is to make 4 place mats.  Already started the first one.
Beginning of Place Mat

The pattern comes from a Bernat booklet that I think is now discontinued (although some version of the pattern may be available on their website).  I modified the striping pattern so that there would be more yellow.  I'd also like to make a dish soap apron and a couple of dishcloths too (which I've already made  for myself).
Better View of Place Mat

But I'm stuck with regard to the hand towel. Is it okay to mix crochet with knitting? I really want to try out the ballband dishcloth (free pattern available here and also here ). I also found a cute little kitchen towel pattern at Canadian Living website (incidentally, they have lots of free patterns, both crochet and knitting as well as other crafty ideas).  I thought it would all work as long as I used the same yellow, blue and white colours.  Any thoughts?


  1. I've been wanting to knit some placemats for awhile now but have to many to many other things in my queue that I need/want to do first. Oh to be an Octopus. I think that you can easily mix knit/crochet -- think of all the crocheted edgings on knitted sweaters and blankets etc. If you've got all the same colors going you'll look co-ordinated no matter what you do with them. Hope nobody spills red wine or spaghetti sauce on your newly knit placemats. LOL.

  2. ABSOLUTELY mix crochet with knit! go for it!!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Lookin' forward to trying out the new patterns. :)

    And WoolFree, there is many a day where I too wish I were an octopus, LOL!


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