Monday, May 10, 2010

Today's Word Is . . .

Organization!  Yup, last weekend I was busy organizing all my knitting stuff--books, yarn, needles.  I think I've shared my "knitting corner" in the past (check it out here ).  I still use the same area as "my knit spot", complete with floor lamp and portable CD player (yeah, no MP2 players yet).  Actually my little side table is the cleanest its ever been in a long, long time.
Knitting Corner

The mess behind the table (i.e. the computer room), has finally been organized.  Sadly an old vacuum cleaner was sacrificed in the process (at least it lasted for over 15 years before cacking).  At least there is now more visible floor space. 

First off, all my books are now neatly awaiting perusal on a shelf (which is just a basic book shelf whose lower levels house the kids' numerous board games and puzzles).
Knitting Shelf

To the left is my sewing box, followed by all my knitting booklets (mostly by Bernat and some Patons), all my knitting books, my red binder of internet patterns and all my knitting magazines. 
Booklets and Books

It's not a huge collection, but it is a good one.  I've tried to purchase those items that I would find  most useful.  Sometimes I don't make great choices and other times I score a winning collection of patterns.  Sometimes my needs as a knitter have changed so much that what I thought was good isn't currently a necessity.  But books are loved in our house, so on the shelf they wait (I haven't shown you the other bookshevles in the computer room and never mind the other three in the living room.  Have we got books!) 
Binder and Magazines

And my binder is so full of patterns, I've had to resort to using file folders (and I haven't even printed off all the patterns in my Ravelry library).  Most of the patterns came from the internet (gotta love free!).

I'm still lacking a stitch dictionary.  I think that should be part of any knitting library (although I do have a crochet stitch dictionary that my mom sent me--the last of her crafting stuff).  Hopefully I'll have that rectified by the end of the month (eagerly awaiting the arrival of a book order).

To the right of the large shelving unit are two plastic drawer units.  One holds scrapbooking tools.  The other now holds my knitting tools: all my needles including my new Boye collection, my hooks and small yarn collections (mostly sock yarn and a few ribbon yarns).

Knitting Needles and Hooks

Small Collections of Various Yarns

In front of the drawer units are two tubs of yarn.  And yes, acrylic is my yarn of choice but there is some real wool (Briggs and Little), some cotton and even bamboo.
Tubs of Yarny Goodness

Softee Chunky and Supervalue

Briggs and Little, Vanna's Choice and Other Odds and Ends

So how do you organize your crafting stuff?

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