Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pretty Colours

So with the long weekend, you'd think I'd be more productive with my time . . . not so much.  Not too much knitting (and I had such high hopes).  The weather has been incredible (as in forget spring; it feels like summer!).  So we've been outdoors as much as possible ('cuz I have a feelin' it ain't gonna last).  We puttered 'round outside, cleaning off the deck, preparing the BBQ and clearing debris from the garden beds.

And much to my surprise, there was a bevy of activity in my wee garden.  My crocuses are ready to bloom--almost a month ahead of schedule!
First Crocuses

Other things are growing too: the bleeding hearts and hostas have begun sprouting, the dianthus are showing signs of life and so are the sliver beacons and aurea.
Creeping Aurea Showing New Growth

It all seems a wee bit early . . . not that I'm complaining.  I'm loving all the sunshine and warmth.  It's a welcome change from the dreary days of cold winter.

And of course, in anticipation of Easter we coloured eggs with the kids.  We usually use one of those kits sold in the grocery store.
A Bevy of Pastel-Coloured Goodness

I'm not much for wearing pastels, but I do love how the soft colours compliment each other.  Aren't they pretty?
Close-Up of Easter Eggs

The kids look forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny who always drops off a few things: some chocolate eggs, perhaps a book, a craft kit or an outdoor toy.  I look forward to a quiet and relaxing day, hanging out with all my guys.  
Bunny Friends

Hope your holiday weekend is shaping up to be a good one!

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